Service Standards

1. Introduction

National Law Partners is committed to providing a comprehensive, efficient and effective service of the highest quality to its clients.

2. Response times

We have developed service standards that will ensure your claim is dealt with promptly and effectively. Your telephone calls and all correspondence from you will be dealt with in a set number of days. We will specify the time limits for responding to your phone calls and correspondence in our initial letter to you.

3. Case review

Your Case Handler is responsible for the initial assessment of your claim and preparation of your case report. This will be sent out to you within a fixed period from the day we have your completed Claim Notification Form. The Case Supervisor will regularly review the progress of your case with the person assigned to it. As the case develops, more detail will be added to the case report and the amended plan will be sent to you. Every six months, we will send you a report explaining the progress of your case and the next steps to be taken.

4. Complaints system

We expect that you will receive a comprehensive, efficient and effective service. In the unlikely event of a problem arising or your being dissatisfied with the service provided, we have a comprehensive complaints procedure. Initially, you should raise the matter with the person dealing with your case or another more senior member of the department (such as your Case Supervisor), who will try to deal with the problem promptly.

If you remain dissatisfied, you should let the person dealing with your case, or the other person handling your concerns, know that you want to make a formal complaint. He or she will then refer the matter to the client care section of our compliance department, who will contact you to set the complaints-handling process in motion. Please refer to point R in our Terms of Business for more details.